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Movement for Black Lives


Project Objective

This animation was created by the Borealis Foundation to present to investors how supporting the Black-led Movement Fund supports the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL)'s vision for a healthy ecosystem and political home for those they serve.



Working with the Borealis and M4BL team, we developed a script and segmented it into scenes. Then, we worked through two iterations of custom illustrations to arrive at the final storyboard displayed below. A main design challenge was to illustrate points both literally and figuratively to avoid any ambiguity while staying true to the personality and unique message of the organization.


The Political Home

Throughout the animation, a strong uniting vision was that of a political home for black lives. We played upon the simplicity of a house but expressed the abstract vision of this through untraditional shapes.



We spelled out Freedom as the goal that the movement mobilizes from the base up. We set up the scene as its birthday to make one's relationship with a traditionally lofty goal more intimate.



We drew out the conceptual hub and spoke model to demonstrate how the movements' operations flow, depicting energies as particles reminiscient of ballots to invoke connatations with true democracies in a currently nostalgic political moment.



We took the representative route with the global impact message, but didn't stick pins to the actual sphere to show that it we are talking about a general spread of the movement in more than just physical location.


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