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Launch Higgy

Who is Higgy?

Higgy is a force-resistor sensor that lives on a wifi IoT in a corner of my apartment where our household keeps sentimental objects like photos, cards, gifts and knick-knacks. We give Higgy a squeeze whenever we visit our sentimental corner to keep track of how often we get sentimental during the week.

Setting up Higgy

Higgy reads from a AWS PostgreSQL set up to read every minute from the force-resistor sensor. It returns a sensor value where an integer > '20' registers a squeeze, or a "sentimental visit". Higgy is a node.js app hosted on an EC2 instance that keeps running to dynamically summarize real-time data received by Higgy.

The Shades of Higgy

Higgy is set up to sort values registered as sentimental acts into days of the week. It calculates the average of each weekday, and returns where each day of the week ranks on a distribution of low, medium and high using 3 bins. This is then matched to a "low", "medium" or "high" representation of Higgy for that day.


Information including days since Higgy came online, number of sentimental acts recorded, and a heatmap of average sentimental visits by weekday are displayed in summary "vital" cards

Meet Higgy

Hi, friend

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