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Project Objective

This project showcases representative items made out of materials most commonly found in items at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York NY.


Identifying Top Materials

Using natural language processing, the "Mediums" text paragraph field was parsed for the most frequently used words in the MET's database of over 400k objects, resulting in a dataset of ~190k items in the top 9 materials.


Displaying Representative Items

For each material, the top 10 types of objects containing that material are displayed in descending order. Each representative type showcases an individual random example of that type, or family.


Cycling Through Representative Examples

On refresh, representative item containers reveal another example of that type of object. For example, since the top 3 representative types of Gold objects are Sword Guards, Rings and Knife Handles, refreshing displays another unique sword guard, ring, or knife handle.


Aggregate Perspective

The aggregate perspective shows a summary view of objects made out of that material in the MET, broken down by which departments they live in and where they came from.


Explore Yourself

Launch Met.erials

Data Source Tools Special Thanks Great appreciation goes out to those who provided instrumental feedback and guidance as well as generous provision of data sources that are the foundation of this project. Richard The, Design + Technology Professor at Parsons Jenni Choi, General Information Manager at the MET Loic Tallon, Chief Digital Officer at the MET Project Archive Data Analysis: Reclass and Correlation in R Interaction: User Experience Flow in Invision Github Repo