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Epoch Runway

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Project Objective

Epoch Runway is a computational fashion show that flaunts the 7.6k clothing items from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute. Scenes are interactive and collage clothing throughout the ages intentionally and coincidentally. Throughout the show, any clothing or accessory item is clickable, directing you to its source location at the MET.


Batch Image Extraction

Costume Institute images were identified and downloaded from the MET API. Then, using opencv, an open computer vision library, all 7.6k costume images were extracted from their background to optimize future collage-ability.


The Ensemble Catwalk

The show opens with the Ensemble Catwalk, a structured catwalk built by one headwear piece, one ensemble, and one footwear. Selections are randomly selected, making each catwalk watched unique. Upon hover, the tooltip reveals the mediums used in catwalk items. Details on displayed items are refreshed on the right.


Brunches of Suits

Brunches of Suits is a bougie brunch that spotlights an elite subset of the costume collection: suits. The food faces reveal the origin of the suit on hover. Hovering over suits themselves reveal the entity of the donor.


Experimental Ornamentals

Experimental Ornamental spotlights the largest subset of items in the Costume Institute: accessories. This is an exploration into what we have adorned our limbs with throughout time.


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Data Source Tools Special Thanks Great appreciation goes out to those who provided instrumental feedback and guidance as well as generous provision of data sources that are the foundation of this project. Richard The, Design + Technology Professor at Parsons Jenni Choi, General Information Manager at the MET Loic Tallon, Chief Digital Officer at the MET Project Archive Data Analysis: Reclass in R by Body Part Image Extraction: Batch Image Extraction in Python Mockups of Scenes Github Repo